Saturday, March 25, 2006

TV Advertisements Index Updated

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Advertisers or products referred to in The Inspiration Room Daily, originally posted here.

118 118 Honda Choir Spoof
3 Mobile Tupperzik, Milk Maid, & Cherry
42 Below NZ Viral

AA You've Got a Friend
AAPT Tell it like it is
ACC (NZ) Home Safety
Ace Hardware Dad
Adbusters Unbrand America
Adidas Olympics Impossible is Nothing 2004
AIDE Aids Baby, Baby
AIM Mail HelloTokyo DayDreamer
Air New Zealand Peter Fitzsimmons
Altoids Altoidia Theater
American Express Superman & Seinfeld, Shyamalan
Ameriquest Don’t Judge Too Quickly,
Don't Judge Too Quickly Doctor & Friendly Skies
Ampd Mobile Senator, Rockstar, Bus
Antena Steering Wheel, Policeman, Ball
AOL Discuss
Apple Gary Gray's Cool Quicktime Movies, 1984, Think Different,
Intel Factory
Apple iPod BMW iPod, Flea, U2 Video, U2 Vertigo, Wynton Marsalis Sparks
Aquafina Drink Up
Arthritis Australia Hands
ASB Ira Goldstein
Audi A3 Sportback Personalised Online Experience
Australian Labor Party 2004 Election Advertising
Australian Red Cross We Gave Blood

BASF Play it again Sam
Berlitz Language School Coastguard
Berri Australian Fresh 100% Aussie
Big Ask Sticky Question on Global Warming
Bigpond Beach Holiday
Blood Saves Charlie & Julie
BMF Sam Kekovich Christmas Greeting
BMW 3 Series Hire Short Films
Boots Skin Care Translucent Baby, Tear Drop, Human Plant
Brandt She wants a Brandt
Brisbane Sleepy Town
British Road Safety Teenage Pedestrians & Slow Down
Britney Spears Fantasy
Bud Light Sleigh Ride, Fridge
Budweiser Whassup Wassup True, Shalom Spoof
Burger King Subservient Chicken, NFL Intercept

Cadbury Martian Smash Crunchie Creme Eggs My Way
California Milk Advisory Board Happy Cows
Canon Wall - Pigeons (Bubble Jet Printer), Rodeo (Dig!c)
Careerbuilder Monkeys
Carlton Draught Canoe, Big Ad
Carlton MID Shed, Bloke Bots
Carphone Warehouse Escape
Castlemaine XXXX Parched, Princess, Golden Retriever, Jacko
Chicken of the Sea Tuna Elevator
Christian Television Australia You Are Loved
Citroen Transformer
Clarks Shoe Repairer
Clean Up Australia Day
Coca Cola TV Ads online, Smile, Night Swimming, Polar Bears,
Ice Dance, Vanilla Reward Your Curiosity, Coke Zero Bus Surfer and Blogs
Colorado You need Fur
Courier Mail Womb Rocker
Cravendale Cows

DB Heaven
Department for Work & Pensions Disability TV Ads
Discovery ChannelChannel Antlers, Rancher, Transporter, Milk Truck
Domino's Pizza So Puff
Dulux Paint Ghost Repel

Ebay It Clocks Toy Boat Belief
EDS Cat Herders, Squirrels, Airplane Bob Wendt - producer of Cat Herders
EGG Banking Bad Eggs
Emerald Nuts Unicorn
Energizer Pink Bunny

Fedex Relax, Caveman Stick
Finnair Reindeer Poro
Ford Miracle
Ford Fusion Particles, Ignition, Carl Edwards
Ford Ranger Open Cab King Kong
Ford SportkaCat & Bird (Pigeon)

Gap Khakis
GE Lassie, Singing in the Rain
Geico Insurance Gecko
Gibson Guitars Quiz
Glue Store Customs 2006 Update
Got Milk Russian Family & Pillbury Doughboy
Grosby Slippers Window Scream, Spider
Guinness Odyssey, Mustang, Moth, Tom Crean, Free In, After Work, Dream Club, Swimblack, Surfer Evolution

Hahn Premium Light Sexbomb & BeanBomb, Gondola
Hansaplast Maman
Hear and Say Centre What is that sound?
Heineken Disturbance, Past Experience
Heinz Real Soup, Absolute Cockroach
Hockey Canada Hand
Holden Barina Basketball
Honda Impossible Dream
Honda Accord Cog,
Honda Diesel Hate/Change/Grrr,
Honda Civic Choir
Honda Jazz Ever So Nice
HP Pictures of You
Hummer TV Commercials, H3 Monster

ICBC No Fun Being Dead
IKEA Lamp, Anti-Ikea Elite Designers, Persian Rug
Instant Kiwi Exam
International Documentary Film Festival Documentaries Not Showing

Jack Links Jerky Wild Side
Jif Prison Visitor
Jockey Underwear Balls
John West Salmon Bear, Shark
Just Jeans Parisian Knits Snail

Kia Sorrento, Sportage
Kleenex Guru/Monk
Kodak Gallery
Konica Minolta Mud

Landrover Adventure Quotient
Land Transport Safety Easter Road Toll
Levi Jeans Baptism Born Again, Odyssey
Lipton Ice Tea Beach, Mechanic
Lynx Jet Fantasy

Mainland Cheese Vintage, Impersonations Cheesemakers
Make Poverty History Nelson Mandela, One, Drop the Debt, Orange, Bono
Marmite Blob
Marriott Kidnap Attempt
Mars Swimming Pool, Kick, Telescope
Mazda Virals - Brats, Moustache, Women Drivers, Golf Driving, Flytrap, Little Squirt, Megawash, Mannequins, Car Wars
MBF Health Insurance Be Positive
McDonalds Inner Child
Meat and Livestock Australia - Sam Kekovich, Red Meat Feel Good Singing Butchers
Mentos Mints Sheep Truck Pull
Mercedes Benz Sleigh Ride
Michael Hill Jeweller 14 Ear Rings
Miller Lite Christmas Lights, Dominoes
Mitsubishi Pajero Beaten Track, Clouds, Journey, Nature Calling
Mitsubishi 380 360 Ultimate Australian Road
Mr Kipling Nativity Play/Delivery
MTV Budgie Smugglers

Nandos Chicken Ruffle Some Feathers
National Australia Bank Ballet Discus
National Pork Board (USA) Captain Pork, Pork Loin
Nationwide Insurance Fabio in Gondola
NFL Burger King Intercept
Nike Denver Broncos Los Toros, Squirrel Maureen, Keep the Ball Alive
NineMSN News Mad World, Turn Your Back
Nissan Tiida Kim Cattrall
NRMA Insurance Broncos, Ladybird

Olympus Bad Photos - Red Eyed Baby, Distorted Dogs, Blurred Boy, Cropped Tourists
Optus Harmony (Animals)

Pepsi Chain Reaction, Sumo Chicken, Surf Soccer, Samba, Samba Music, Elephant Tower
Diet Pepsi Dancing Cans
Peugeot The Toys
PG Tips Chimps
Philadelphia Angels
Puma Gifts & Animals

Red Cross Australia We Gave Blood
Red Cross NZ Lying Down
Reebok 50 Cent, Terry Tate
Reflex Paper Prison
Rexona Stunt City
Road Safety Queensland Pram
Rugby Union Australia Butterflies

Science World Boardroom Kisses
Scope Radiohead Fan
Sealect Tuna Elevator
Sensis Directory Service All You Need to Know
Sharp Aquos TV ScreensMore To See
Sky One Simpsons Live
Sony Bravia TV ScreenBalls
Sony Playstation NZ TV Ads Mountain PSP POV People
Sprite Basketball Pool
Starbucks Coffee Glen, Roy, Hank Red Cup
Stella Artois Beer Ice Skating Priests Le Sacrifice
Studio Muscle Small Ad

Tabasco Sauce God, Mosquito, Tattoo, Tan Lines
T-Mobile Baby Face
Telecom NZ Father & Son
Tip Top Omega 3 Bread Ice Fishing
Tip Top Trumpet Undies
Tooheys Beer Tongue Quest, War of the Appliances, For the Love of Beer Catapult
Tourism Australia Where the Bloody Hell Are You?, Spoof
Tourism Victoria Hide and Seek
Toyota AFL Moments Can't Wait For Tomorrow
Toyota Camry Knives
Toyota Hilux Bugger, Beefier Bulls Hit
Toyota Highlander Eddie Blodgett
Toyota RAV4 Happy Together
Truth (anti-smoking campaign) Survey, Bodybag, The Voice
Twinings Everyday Tea with Stephen Fry
Typhoo Better Way to Wake Up

United Church of Christ Still Speaking (Bouncers), Rejection Hurts (Ejector Pews)
United Nations LandMines Soccer, Badmouth

V Energy Drink Gnomes, Termites, Cockroaches
Viagra Good Morning, Champions, I did it my way, Coach, Elevator, Golf, Office
Vim Prison Visitor
Virgin Blue Mini Bar Parking Metre, Bucks party, Car Park, Locked Out, Toilet, Baggage, Lift, Nightclub, Muffs, Tom Andrews
Virgin Mobile 5Cents, Warren, Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah, Kate Moss
Visa Orangutan,
Vogels Bread Grain of Truth
VW Touareg Sahara series, North America, NZ, South Africa sites
VW Golf GT Frog
Volkswagen Passat 120 Short Films, Suicide Bomber, Diesel Way Ahead
VW Polo Angel's Day Off
VW Touareg King Kong
Volvo Bloody Volvo Drivers

What U Can Do
Whiskas Bungee Cat and Mouse
White Ribbon Day 2004 & 2005 TV Ads
William Lawson's Haka
World Vision Gift Catalogue

Xbox 360 Jump In (Water Balloons & Jump Rope), Champagne (birth to death), Mosquito, Video Chat Habitat, Roar - Joy